Elio Kayaks is a leading European kayak manufacturer founded in 1979 by Elio Nogueira.

The goal was and still is to create conditions for athletes so they could have effective and capable kayaks that could ensure a good performance at a reasonable price.

The company’s philosophy is to maintain a close relationship with athletes, coaches and users in order to point our production to more competitive results, always with the commitment between quality and price.

As we develop our products we want to ensure that they are stable, strong, comfy, fine and a match to the athlete, and for us, this is possible linking the experience with the best materials and the latest technology.

ELIO is located in the enigmatic city of Oporto, in the north of Portugal. It started its first exports to the neighbouring town – Spain and then to Denmark.

Today ELIO exports to the five continents and is represented in over 24 countries. We support a large number of athletes and clubs in this giant sport, to promote the passion that still moves us – canoeing.

The MAZU surfski range inherits the ELIO bloodline of Olympic and World Championship kayaking.

The Elio Kayaks exclusive dealers in Australia are Mario Vesely and Darren Tye.

Mario has a lifetime of competitive paddling at an elite level and extensive experience with K1 kayaks, ocean surf skis and SLSA spec skis. Mario won a silver for the K1 200 at the ICF Canoe Sprint Masters Championships in August 2018 in Montemor O Velho, Portugal.

Darren is a keen competitor on the Sydney race circuit while managing his architectural practice.

Mario Vesely Silver Medal World Master
Darren Tye